Partner Application

Be a Partner

If you are a part of an organization that would benefit from receiving tickets to the Alive Music Festival through generous donations to Alive Ministries, please read through the guidelines below and fill out the Partner Application.

All donations to Alive Ministries will be used to provide full event and/or one-day tickets for the Alive Music Festival to young people and to children’s homes and youth centers in Northeast Ohio. Deserving young people will be able to learn about the love of Jesus at a crucial time in their lives when they are the most open to surrendering their lives to him.

Partner Guidelines

Tickets are intended for young people who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend the Alive Music festival and the chaperones who will be bringing these youth to Alive. As it is important for these youth to have a positive spiritual experience, we would recommend that there be one adult chaperone for every 3 to 5 youth.

Note: These tickets are not intended as a “thank you” for major donors, staff, family, or friends. We would ask that all tickets be used consistently with the guidelines above.

Partner Commitment

Alive Ministries asks our partner organizations commit to the following:

  • Commit to making sure donated tickets are used consistent with our Partner Guidelines above.
  • Take a minimum of one photo of your entire group at Alive each day and provide a brief summary of your experience at Alive. The summary and photos will help us share the work God is doing and encourage further donations in the future.
  • Provide a list of names of attendees for each day indicating their age and if they were a chaperone. This list will be private and will not be shared.
  • Provide transportation to/from the Alive Festival, pay for parking ($5/vehicle/day), provide meals for your group.
  • If attending multiple days, provide off site lodging for your group (All donated tickets are for 1 day from 9 am to midnight).
  • Review the Alive Music Festival website for all festival information.

Partner Application